Your First Visit

When you arrive, just get comfy in the waiting area– there’s no need to check in with anyone, and there probably won’t be anyone at the front desk. I will come out to get you at your specified appointment time.

Please bring your completed new client paperwork forms, your insurance card, and any required co-pay.

In the first session we will review the treatment agreement and I will answer any questions that you have about treatment or counseling with me. We will discuss payment arrangements. After the “business aspects” of therapy are taken care of, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other. I’ll gather some information about you and your life, what brings you in, and what you would like help with. We will talk about what you’d like to achieve through therapy. Together, we will decide if I am a good fit for your needs, and from there collaboratively begin to hatch a plan of what needs to happen to help you move forward.

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