Treatment Philosophies

If you worked with me as a client, you could expect me to be….

Transparent- Sometimes therapy is thought of as a rather mysterious process. I seek to demystify therapy as much as I can by being straightforward, open, and genuine. I will also try to honestly answer questions that you have about therapy or the therapy process.

Collaborative: I see therapy as an encounter between two experts: I’m an expert in psychology, growth, and healing, and you’re the expert on your life. Correspondingly, therapy with me is always collaborative— the focus of our work and goals for yourself will be decisions that we arrive at together.

Relationship-oriented: I believe your relationships with others play a critical role in your well-being. I also believe that building and maintaining a solid, trusting relationship between you and me is extremely important for your healing.

Supportive and challenging: I want you to feel heard, understood, and respected in each and every session, and  I want to help you move towards self-acceptance. Yet at times, I will challenge you to see things in a different way, try a new behavior, or discuss something that we’ve never discussed. (Being in therapy can be hard work!)

Multiculturally competent: I think of culture broadly and believe that race and ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, ability status, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity are all aspects of one’s culture. I like to explore culture with my clients so we can both understand what role culture plays in your life and in the therapeutic relationship.

Flexible: I adapt my approach and techniques to match with client needs.

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