Treatment Philosophies

If you worked with me as a client, you could expect me to be….

Transparent and authentic-  I’m a straightforward, open, and genuine clinician. I’m dispositionally warm and always on your side, but you can also expect times of kind bluntness from me. (Note: profanity doesn’t bother me, and I sure hope it doesn’t bother you)

Collaborative: I’m an expert in psychology, growth, and healing, and you’re the expert on your life. That means we need to work together to determine what you want to get out of therapy and how we’ll get you there.

Relationship-oriented: I value building solid, trusting relationships with all of my clients.

Supportive and challenging: I want you to feel heard, understood, and respected, and I want you to grow. This means that sometimes I’ll be a listener and hold space for you, and sometimes I will push you to tackle your obstacles in a different way.

Attuned to experiences of oppression: So the thing is, white privilege is real. Oppression of people of various non-white races and ethnicities, queer-identified folks, genders, poor people, disabled people, and certain religious groups is real. I spend a lot of time educating myself and having authentic, difficult conversations around how to be anti-racist, more aware of my privilege and how not to abuse it, etc. These matters will almost definitely come up in the therapy room, so if this isn’t for you, I might not be the therapist for you.

Flexible: I adapt my approach and techniques to match with client needs.