Why do you offer telehealth?

During the lockdown/emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, I moved my entire practice online over a weekend, out of safety and necessity. Though now I’m working in a hybrid model (I have clients who meet me in-office, telehealth-only clients, and some clients who do a little of each), I’ve found telehealth therapy to be just as effective as meeting in-person.

Who is a good candidate for telehealth?
  • Anyone who doesn’t live in Lincoln, NE
  • People with chronic health problems that prevent them from leaving their homes
  • People with transportation barriers
  • People whose work schedules preclude them from getting to and from my office during my business hours, but who have time to meet for an hour online

If you have questions about if you think telehealth or in-person would be better for you, contact me and we can talk it over

How does telehealth therapy work?

Basically, just like in-person therapy! I send you a link, you log in, you wait for me in the virtual waiting room and when it’s time to begin, we’re off and running.